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Donor Motorcycle and Stripping

Photo 1 – 1989 Kawasaki Voyager donor bike

I will be custom fabricating the frame for the trike but many of the basic parts and pieces will come from a donor bike.  For this purpose I purchased a 1989 Kawasaki Voyager 1200 which fit my needs and my budget ($500). The bike was in good running condition and had a clear title and the registration was up to date. So I will be able to use this title as the basis for legally registering the vehicle after the modifications are completed. (See Photo 1)   Note: Please click on any photo for an enlarged version.

The parts I intend to use from the Voyager include:

*Front fork assembly
*Front wheel and tire
*Steering head
*Front dual disc brake assembly including hand controls and hydraulic system
*Luggage carrier including adjustable (sliding) base and rack
*Progressive coil over shocks (Series 412 Model 4221)
*Headlight switch and dimmer
*Turn signal switch
*Rear brake pedal assembly
*Horn(s) and horn button
*Rear brake light, turn signal and running lights
*12 volt charger (for my separate 12 lighting system)
*I also intend to use the 97 HP Voyager engine and transmission in a shifter cart project which is next in line after this trike is completed.

The first step of the build process is to totally strip the Kawasaki down and set aside parts and pieces to be used for the trike build. (See Photos 2 and 3)

Photo 2 – Starting to strip down the Kawasaki
Photo 3 – Striping down the Kawasaki







The final major piece to be removed is the motor.   (See Photo 4)

Photo 4 – Removing the engine








The main component I am after on the donor is the front fork/wheel/dual disc brakes assembly.  On the Voyager the front fork is welded directly to the frame.    (See arrow Photo 5)

Photo 5 – Front fork is welded to the frame and must be cut away





The fork must is cut away while saving the main “junction box” which originally connected the frame to the steering head.  (See Photo 6)

Photo 6 – Front fork cut from frame








The “junction box” will serve  as the main welding area for connecting the fork to the new fabricated frame. (See Photos 7 and 8)    By saving the junction box I won’t have to weld directly to the steering head. This  prevents any potential warpage  of the steering head or damage to the VIN plate which is permanently attached to the steering head.


Photo 7 – Front fork showing junction box
Photo 8 – Close up of junction box welded to steering head