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Battery Box

Photo 1 – tubing cut to length for box

The batteries and electronic components will be located between the rear wheels and behind the seat.   The box will be 24″ x 29″ x11″ (external dimensions) to accommodate the six lead acid batteries.   1x1x.0625 square tubing is cut for the perimeter of the battery box.  (Photo 1)



Photo 2 – The tubing is squared up on the base frame and tack welded

The tubing is squared up and welded to the frame base to form the box.  (Photo 2)






Photo 3 – Angle bracing is welded in

Additional 1×1 tubing is cut and welded to form the box’s angle bracing.    This bracing provides support and strength to the box and to the frame itself.  (Photos 3 and 4)

Photo 4 – Another view of the completed battery box