Mounting the Seat Back

Photo of seat back bolt locations
Photo 1 – Arrows indicated mounting nuts fused into the plastic seat back. These will be used for attaching the mounting hardware

I am using the passenger seat from the Kawasaki donor as a seat back/back rest on the new trike. The underside of the seat back is formed plastic with four threaded bolt receivers fused into the plastic. These will be used for attaching to an adjustable bracket which will then be mounted to the frame of the trike. (See arrows Photo 1)


Photo of seat back mounting hardware
Photo 2 – Mounting brackets and arms are cut from angle iron

Four mounting tabs are cut from angle iron and drilled for bolts and two mounting rails are also cut from angle iron and drilled for bolts. (Photo 2)



Photo of seat back adjustment arm
Photo 3 – The adjustment arm will allow for changing the angle of the seat back

An adjuster arm is cut from 1/4″ flat stock and drilled with a series of adjustment holes.   This will allow the angle of the seat back to be altered for the most comfortable riding position.   (Photo 3)



Photo of adjustable seat back mount
Photo 4 – The adjustable seat mounting hardware bolted to the seat back
Photo 5 – The adjustable seat back hardware bolted in place

The tabs, rails and adjustment arms are bolted to the bottom of the seat back. (Photos 4  and 5) The bottom of the seat back rail  (on the right in Photo 4) will remain in a fixed location but can be pivoted around its attachment bolt.  By selecting different mounting holes the top of the rail (on the left in Photo 4) can be adjusted either forward or backward to provide optimal back support and a comfortable riding angle.




Photo of seat back mounting rails welded to battery box
Photo 6 – The side rails of the mounting mechanism are welded to the rear deck lid

The mounting assembly is taken apart and the two side rails (see red arrows in Photo 6) are  positioned and welded to the frame of the rear deck lid.




Photo of seat back bolted in position
Photo 7 – The seat back is mounted to the rear deck lid

The mounting hardware can then be reassembled and the seat back bolted in place and adjusted to the desired angle. (Photos 7 and 8)

Photo of seat back installed
Photo 8 – The seat back mounted to the deck lid










Photo showing seat back with cargo case open
Photo 9 – The cargo case can be opened from the rear
Photo of seat back with deck lid open
Photo 10 – The deck lid can be swung open with the seat back and cargo case in place

The cargo case now opens normally from the rear (Photo 9) while the deck lid, cargo case, and seat back can be swung up and open for access to the battery pack and electronics. (Photo 10)









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