Mounting the Cargo Case

Photo of Kawasaki cargo case frame mount
Photo 1 – The cargo case base frame from the donor Kawasaki must be trimmed off to fit the deck lid.

The cargo case from the donor Kawasaki will be mounted on the deck lid and will also serve as a portion of the seat’s back rest. The Kawasaki was equipped with an adjustable sliding base which will be used on the new trike to provide some flexibility in the positioning of the cargo case and allow for a bit of fudge factor when the rest of the seat is constructed later. The slider base is a little too long to fit in the deck lid so the front legs will be cut off approximately at the red arrows. (Photo 1)

Photo of brackets for cargo caese
Photo 2 – Mounting brackets to bolt the case to the frame are fabricated from angle stock and flat stock

Rear mounting brackets for attaching the case to the base are made by welding flat stock to angle iron. (Photo 2)




Photo of mounting bolt positions for cargo case frame
Photo 3 – A view from the underside of the base frame showing the mounting bolt positions

The front of the base frame will bolt directly to a cross member in the deck lid and will not need mounting brackets.  Photo 3 shows the underside of the installed slider frame.   The rear mounting brackets are indicated by the red arrows and  front mounting bolts are indicated by the white arrows.   In this photo you can also see the slider release mechanism which allows the case to be moved forward or backward.

Photo of cargo case frame installed
Photo 4 – Top view of the mounted cargo case base

The installed slider frame from the top. (Photo 4)





Photo of side view of cargo case bolted to deck lid
Photo 5 – Side view of cargo case bolted to its base frame

The cargo case can now be bolted to the slider frame. ( photos  5 and 6)





Photo of rear view of installed cargo case
Photo 6 – Rear view of cargo case bolted to its base frame






Photo of attached cargo case in open position
Photo 7 – The rear deck lid and cargo case in the open position


The deck lid now swings open with the cargo case attached.  (Photo 7)






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