Rear Deck Lid

Photo of deck lid being fabricated
Photo 1 – Rear deck lid is constructed of 1×1 thin wall tubing to match the perimeter of the battery box

Now that the position and height of the controllers and heat sinks have been established,  a rear deck lid/battery box cover can be constructed using 1x1x.065 square tubing. (Photo 1) Note that there is an indentation in the front portion of the deck lid. This space is needed so that the seat back will be able to  recline into the deck lid.


Photo of rear deck lid being checked for fit
Photo 2 – Deck lid in place to test for fit

The deck lid is then test fit on the battery box. Note that the controllers are still bolted in place to insure there is proper clearance with the deck lid. Also note the indentation in the front of the lid where the seat back will recline. (Photo 2)


Photo of rear deck lid test fit
Photo 3 – Rear view of deck lid while checking for fitment

And a view of the deck lid from the rear being checked for proper fit.  (Photo  3)





Photo of cut down steel door hinges
Photo 4 – Steel door hinges are cut down and redrilled for mounting to the 1×1 tubing

The lid is hinged using common steel door hinges.  However, the hinges must be cut down and then re-drilled  so that the mounting bolt holes will line up properly with the 1×1 tubing of the battery box and deck lid.    An original hinge is shown on the right and the cut down version on the left.  (Photo 4)


Photo of rear deck hinge spaces
Photo 5 – Steel spacers must be welded to the back sides of the hinges so that they will operate freely

To mount the hinges flat on the surface of the battery box and have them operate properly,  spacers are cut from ½ x 1/16″ flat stock and welded to the back side of the steel hinge.  (Photo 5)



Photo of rear deck hinges installed
Photo 6 – The rear hinges (red arrows) bolted in place


Photo showing rear deck lid in open position
Photo 7 – The rear deck lid can now be swung open

Bolt holes are drilled through the hinges and tubing and the hinges are  secured to the battery box and deck lid. (See arrows in Photo 6).  With the hinges in place the rear deck lid can be swung to the open position. (Photo 7)









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