Mounting Controllers and Heat Sinks

It may seems a bit early in the trike’s progress to by mounting electrical components, but the controllers not only pose a size factor, they must also be positioned so that all the wire harnesses will reach, they can be properly protected from the elements and they will not interfere with any of the other main components of the trike yet to be fabricated. The controllers will be positioned just above the battery box and will be covered by the deck lid which will be constructed later.

Photo of mounting bars for controllers
Photo 1 – Removable support bars for battery containment and for mounting the heat sinks and controllers

Two support bars are cut from 1x2x.090 rectangular tubing and they are bolted in the battery box so that they are removable (see arrows in Photo 1)  The bars serve a dual purpose. First, they lock in the batteries so they can not come loose in the event of an accident. And second, they provide mounting support for the controllers/heat sinks as well as other electrical components which will be located under the rear deck lid.

Photos of making brackets to mount controllers
Photo 2 – brackets for attaching the heat sinks are cut from angle stock

Brackets to mount the heat sinks to the bars are cut from 1 1/4″ angle iron. (Photo 2)




Photo of brackets attached to controller
Photo 3 – The brackets are bolted to one of the heat sinks

The brackets are bolted to the pre drilled holes in the heat sink.  (Photo 3)





Photo of controller brackets welded to frame
Photo 4 – The heat sink brackets are welded to the outer rail of the battery box and to the inner mounting bar

The heat sink with brackets  bolted on is then  positioned and clamped in place so that the mounting brackets can be tack welded to the  outer perimeter of the battery box and to the inner support bar. (See arrows  in Photo 4 showing the heat sink brackets welded in place)


Photo of heat sink bolted in place
Photo 5 – The heat sink is bolted to the mounting brackets
Photo of both heat sinks installed
Photo 6 – The dual heat sinks bolted in place

The heat sinks are temporarily bolted in place.  (Photos 5 and 6)










Photo of controllers mounted to frameAnd the controllers are bolted to the heat sinks. (Photo 7)







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