Mounting the Swing Arms

Photo 1 – Bars are welded to the frame for mounting the swing arms
Photo of swing arm mounts
Photo 2 – Swing arm mounting bars ready for welding

A swing arm mounting bar which spans from wheel to wheel is cut from 1x2x.090 rectangular tubing and clamped to the existing frame of the battery box with the 2″ dimension in the horizontal position.   (See upper  arrow in Photo 1).  A second bar is cut from perforated channel strut and is welded with the long dimension in the vertical position to the underside of the 1×2 tubing (see lower  arrow in Photo 1). This prevents the mounting bar from flexing either vertically or horizontally.   (Photo 2)


Photo of swing arm mounting brackets being made
Photo 3 – Bracket plates cut from 1/4″ flat stock with matching 1/2″ holes drilled

Brackets for attaching the swing arm pivot tubes to the mounting bars are cut from 1/4″ flat stock and drilled with ½” holes. There is a size and shape difference between the inside brackets and outside brackets but all four bracket holes must line up in the same position.  So as each plate drilled it  is marked for proper positioning.   (Photo  3)


Photo of swing arm mounting brackets
Photo 4 – Sharp corners are cut off the brackets and ground smooth

Sharp corners are cut off the brackets and then ground to a more rounded shape. (Photo 4)




Photo of 1/2" steel rod
Photo 5 – Half inch rod is cut to length

Half inch steel rod is cut to length to fit the pivot tube length plus bearings plus  brackets plus end collars.   (Photo 5)




Photo of flanged bearing fitted in swing arm pivot tube
Photo 6 – Flanged bearing inserted in pivot tube

Flanged bearings with ½” I.D. and 1 3/8″ O.D. are fitted into each end of the pivot tube (see arrow in Photo 6).  These particular bearings are rated for a dynamic load of 4900 lbs.


Photo of swing arm brakets being welded to frame
Photo 7 – The swing arm pivot tube brackets are tack welded to the mounting bar
Photo of swing arm brackets welded to frame
Photo 8 – The swing arms welded to the frame

With the swing arm, wheel/tire, and pivot tube square to the frame, the pivot tube brackets (arrows in Photo 7) are clamped and tack welded to the horizontal mounting bar.    Once it is certain everything is square and true, the brackets will be permanently welded to the mounting bar. The passenger side swing arm is then welding in place in the same way.   The 1/2″ rod is capped on each end with a 1/2″ I.D. collar and set screws.   (Photo 8)



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