Brake Caliper Mounting

Photo – 1 Use heavy card stock to make a pattern for drilling mounting bolt holes

Heavy paper is used to make a template for the caliper mounting bracket and to locate the mounting holes. The bracket is cut from 1/4″ flat stock and the mounting holes drilled.  (Photo 1)





Photo – 2 The caliper is bolted to the mounting bracket

The mounting bracket bolted to the caliper. (Photo 4a)






Photo – 3 Caliper is fitted over the brake disk and the bracket clamped to the swing arm

The wheel and swing arm are positioned and clamped tightly in place.   The caliper and bracket are fitted in place with the brake pads slipped over the rotor to insure everything lined up correctly. The bracket (see arrow in Photo 3) is clamped to the swing arm and then tack welded in place. Final welding is done with the swing arm removed from the wheel.


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